Levon Movsessian Captures Rolls-Royce’s Attention With His Bitcoin Purchase

Despite its high risk, cryptocurrency can be an excellent long-term investment for those looking to amass wealth. Levon Movsessian is one of many who has made the most of Bitcoin to amass wealth enough to purchase a Rolls-Royce and even have it customized.

Successful businessman Levon Movsessian dreamed of building a one-of-a-kind Rolls-Royce that paid homage to the company that made him wealthy. This was to be a constant visual reminder of his identity, values, family, and sources of motivation. The result of the two-year labor of love between Rolls-Royce and the Madiian Art Collective to make Levon’s dream a reality is truly a masterpiece.

In the realm of automobiles, Rolls-Royce is universally recognized as the ultimate symbol of opulence. You wouldn’t be wrong to call any of their cars an artwork instead of a vehicle; such is the level of care with which they are crafted. Levon wished to continue this custom while adding his own unique twist. His mother, Madiian Art, was an artist who put her career on hold to raise her children. To put his mother back where she belongs, in the spotlight, Levon thought this project was ideal for rekindling her enthusiasm and bringing her to the forefront again.

Everything about Levon’s 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost was custom-made, down to the paint job, seat stitching, and hand-drawn emblems. With Rolls-Royce’s blessing, a Phoenix took the place of the ecstasy spirit. A solid gold Phoenix with diamond-studded wings and ruby- studded eyes is the product of painstaking handiwork. But what he values most about this ornament is that his mother sculpted and engineered it. The already luxurious Rolls-Royce has been given a look unlike anything before.

Would all of this have been achievable without Bitcoin? Maybe not. It was with Bitcoin that Levon bought his first Rolls-Royce when he was 24 years old. Five years later, he now owns one of North America’s most luxurious and specially equipped Rolls-Royces. Rolls-Royce took notice of Levon because he was the first person to make a sizable purchase of a luxury vehicle using cryptocurrency. So it’s safe to also say Bitcoin brought Levon Movsessian recognition from Rolls-Royce.

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