Rapper Woopie got a viral hit on his hands with “Giving Me the P*ssy”

Strip club DJs all around the country are raving about Woopie’s latest single, “Giving Me the P*ssy”. Prince Johnson, a rising star in the rap music business, goes by the stage name “Woopie.” Woopie’s brilliant new single “Giving Me the P*ssy” has swept the Philly area by storm, and it’s now the go-to song for every strip club DJ! Woopie is a musician, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Philadelphia who goes by the stage name Woopie. Woopie produces a captivating and seductive sound by combining a unique hip-hop elements. It may now be found on all major music streaming providers.
Woopie’s rap music is needed by DJs at strip joints, so he made it. Consequently, his new CD, “Giving Me the P*ssy,” has piqued the interest of a slew of worldwide strip club DJs. Because of its amazing lyrics, aggressive rap, terrific rhythms, and overall vibe, this song has become a strip club favorite. Without “Giving Me the P*ssy,” a song by Woopie that puts everyone in the mood to dance, no strip club DJ’s collection would be complete.
Woopie’s new TikTok single has received a lot of attention since this song is so infectious. In the same manner that strip club DJs like Woopie’s music, numerous new TikTok’s use his sound. Many DJs on Digiwaxx.com’s record pool gave this song four out of five stars. “Giving Me the P*ssy” has now become a standard in the world of strip clubs.
Watch the new music video!
Woopie’s “Giving Me the Pussy” is now streaming
Go to Woopie’s Instagram account here

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