Here’s Why You Should Walk Into the Metaverse with MetaMonkeys

If you work really hard when you’re young, you might save a sizable amount for a sound retirement. At least, that’s how things should go. However, if we are being honest, hard work alone is not enough. Times are changing, and you need to change with them too. 

Even though you could be gainfully employed or running a thriving business, having an extra source of income is a good call. Right now, an NFT investment might be all you need to retire early and enjoy drinks on a beach somewhere in the metaverse or the tropics. That’s what MetaMonkeys is all about.

You might have come across several NFT projects in the past few months that were spectacular failures and decided to give the space a wide berth. While everyone will admit the industry is volatile, we have also seen many people walking away with massive gains from NFT sales. Even better, thriving and supportive communities have sprung up in some projects and allowed the holders to enjoy benefits in real life. For Jacob Canales and Anthony Del Rio, the co-founders of the MetaMonkeys project, that’s the way to go.

In the MetaMonkeys project, the benefits extend in both directions. Besides NFT sales, holders of a MetaMonkey NFT will also gain exclusive access to in-person events that the developers will hold. According to Jacob, they will hold these in every part of the world and will thus allow community members to come together for a common goal.

In case you miss that, the co-founders have something even better planned. As successful business executives with thriving companies, the duo will host live webinars where holders will get “Ask Me Anything” sessions with them. During their lives, Anthony will teach people how to quit their 9–5 and create an income stream through e-commerce. This is something he did himself and gained practical wisdom.

On his part, Jacob is an e-commerce expert and marketing specialist. For several years, he has been learning and mastering the ins and outs of his specialty. That’s what he will share with MetaMonkeys holders. Some of that will include running a business by running Facebook ads to other people’s business or even your own and succeeding at it.

The MetaMonkeys NFT project is more than just the co-founders sharing their stories, though. Because it’s about the holders, Anthony and Jacob plan to make it the best educational platform in the metaverse. Therefore, they will bring on high-level entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to teach everyone holding a MetaMonkeys NFT. These experts will share more about mindset, real estate, fitness, Amazon, and anything else people need to grow in life.

More than anything, Anthony and Jacob hope the MetaMonkeys NFT project will open more eyes and help people gain multiple income streams. In their case, it’s not education or working hard that’s made them run 7 figure businesses but working smart. As Jacob observes, there are many things you need to know about life that no school can teach you. Someone who has experienced it can, though, and that’s why they want to share their expertise with the world.

In the future, they hope more people will share the knowledge they get from the MetaMonkeys project with their friends. They will also visit schools “to encourage lost students who are about to sign their lives away to college even though that’s not what they want to do.”

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