Introducing Andrew Arteaga raised in Santa Ana, California is a celebrated and go-to tattoo artist at present. He is a person who always has a passion for art. Earlier in his life, he was told that art doesn’t have a proper career but he made his passion his strength and made a career out of it.

People with guardians and mentors are always lucky as they have someone to take support from and can rely on to push them towards their dreams. But Andrew, as a kid did not have any father figure or a guardian to guide. His childhood includes growing up in a gang of drug-infested neighbourhoods with him being directionless and in bad company. He considered art was an escape from the harsh reality and also a safe place. He says “I stand out because my drive is incomparable and my motivation has always been to the roof people love that and have to support that since day one.” 

Though Andrew became involved with the negative things around him, he found himself in trouble with the law and was sentenced to two years in jail. Over the course of his two-year sentence, Andrew became fascinated with tattoos after receiving his first one and began studying everything having to do with the skill shortly after. After his release, he decided to go back to school to pursue a degree. Further, Andrew began practising with an encouraging friend he met at school. Andrew has a lot of patience and consistency as he was smart enough to learn from his harsh childhood. Andrew’s recognition comes from tattooing some of the biggest celebrities and influencers namely Jake Paul, Nyjah Huston, Austin Mcbroom, Trippy red, Trent Williams, Lil Skies, GASHI, etc. 

“For the past 12 years I’ve done nothing but dedicate everything to this full time 24/7 with no brakes to build something with a strong backbone and it’s only grown more and more every year not just in tattoos but in other ways that have opened doors to a whole other world of business. The future is unpredictable due to the endless options that I have on my plate only time will tell”, adds Andrew in regards to the future. 

Regardless of your current situation, Arteaga thinks that you can achieve everything you set your mind to if you take the first step and commit to it. Andrew Arteaga is truly an inspirational person who has made the best of the situation and instead turned his failures to stepping stones to success. Make sure to check out his incredible works by clicking the links below



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