Pets are a family, they are valuable. They always regarded and treated as an individual in a family. Though they cannot talk they surely express their feeling through gestures. Scientifically, they improve a person’s life. They help in increasing an individual’s physical exercise, they provide a positive companionship, also reducing anxiety. In return, they should also be treated in a better manner. There has always been a negative reputation of pet cares as they are known for providing a dirty and unhygienic environment. But ‘THE VETS’ are here with a better and a much superior service in the industry. The Vets are Revolutionizing the Pet Care industry by building the Largest Veterinary Home Pet Care Company in the USA.

By providing an innovative and safe environment for the pets they are earning their name in this industry. Keeping up with the upgrading generation, they are also upgrading themselves to make things much easier, more precisely they are driven by data and apps to automate and facilitate their customers with a full pet management platform.

Taking their company in the international sphere they have expanded in 5 major US cities namely Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Vegas, Portland and will be available in more than 8-9 cities by the end of the year that includes Houston, Austin, Chicago, San Diego. They have also raised $7M in Seed Round.

Recruiting vets is considered a vital and challenging task which they have also faced. They overcame it by creating complex multi-channel campaigns and A/B test the right incentives that trigger the vets to come aboard. Other than the pets they also show concerns about the pet owners. Throughout the consecutive years, home pet care is stress-free for both pet and owner, convenient and relaxed. They have even worked more conveniently for the owner. It also saves time spent in waiting rooms and erodes the problem of standing in traffic.

“Our comprehensive care continues way after the appointment. So don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Our vets stay part of your family and want to make sure you get the best health care via call support. We’ll be available to provide you & your pet with priority support every day from 7:00am to midnight.”, Says The Vets. 

The Vets aspire to become a $1B valued company and Build the US largest veterinary pet care company. They also have a goal to reach a large audience on social platforms as well as also make a verified account on both Instagram and on Facebook.

To know more about the Vets, check out their website and social media handle (Link down below)




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