Kings Group Ventures- a leading initiative by Kartik Anand:

Kartik Anand is the name behind Kings Group Ventures (KGV), a business group with countless business verticals under it. These Businesses deal with the sectors of media, technology, sales enablement, and consumer service capabilities. The predominating adjectives which describe KGV are ‘quality thinking’, ‘innovative strength’, ‘efficient processes’, and ‘responsibility. 

Kings Group Ventures is the collective operational source that gives their B2B as well as B2C businesses the Strength and expertise to achieve their service goals in a data-led digital Industry. KGV’s business brands in the sector of food, manufacturing and automobiles strive to deliver the best premium B2C services as well as products. “We have gained a global footprint in delivering pizzas, dairy, fresh milk, cheese and other milk products like ice-creams”, they claimed. 

Expanding more, he mentions “We ventured into the automobile industry, dealing in pre-owned premium cars. Foraying into the food industry was something I always wanted to do. I turned my food passion into crafting unique artisanal pizzas that are widely savoured today Internationally. With this in tow and our thriving dairy business, we aim to create a niche in the food and beverage industry. “ 

Kings Group Ventures’ primary concern is their client’s needs. It is a place where new innovations, ideas and growth are promoted. As the founder and Executive Chairman, Kartik Anand further wishes to expand the KGV Business by adding more business verticals under it. As a leader, he has focused on guiding the business trajectory, including all aspects from funding, strategy, resourcing & foremost – ensuring an employee friendly culture. The biggest challenge that he has faced is to figure out the further steps while not compromising with the present concern of driving a profitable business. He adds that it’s essential to take over the reins, trust their grit and hang in there for a moment and give time to it.

Despite achieving such immense levels of success, Kartik Anand does not plan to stop. He believes that all great companies have forever been built on dreams and aspirations. Thus, he wishes to achieve more and his target is expanding the KGV business and including more service verticals under it. Kartik stated, “It presents a tremendous opportunity to position our brands to serve a larger purpose of adding value and giving back to the community.”

There is a lot more to know about Kartik Anand and his several ventures. If you wish to take a closer look, check out the links mentioned below:

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