Dr Suzanne Soliman, an ideal philanthropic image in the Pharmacology industry

In the post Pandemic world, we have quickly realized the importance of medical professionals and pharmaceuticals. They acted as a saving grace in one of humanity’s darkest hours, with tireless service spanned across numerous hours, taking care of the weak and the aggrieved. With the world coming out of a dark period, we have further understood the importance of the people in the medical field. The simple number of essential medical workers sacrificing their well-being for the betterment of society is astounding. Men and women spent nights posted in various medical centres and also have put their own lives at risk to help others get cured of this terrible affliction.

One of these brave souls is Dr Suzanne Soliman. Along with her world-class treatment, she emits a very positive aura around her and has helped numerous patients by providing a monetary discount on their medicine, by developing a pharmacy discount card with the partnership of ScriptSquare. The card serves as an easy-to-use portal to avail and generate purchasing power for every person who steps into a pharmacy.

Choosing to pursue a life in medicine and pharmacology, has often taken her away from her family at times. Dr Soliman soon realized that many working pharmacist mothers like herself face the same issues, across the country. As a solution, she created the Pharmacist Moms Group, or PhMG, on Facebook. The group provides a platform to its members to ask queries, concerns, also works as a networking tool The group proved to be so successful that it garnered over 1000+ members in the first month and would eventually garner more than 33,000 members in its lifetime.

Dr Soliman is a very big advocate of pharmacy as a profession. She predicts the value that she and her fellow pharmacists hold and provide the world with, with huge contributions to the healthcare system. She delivers lectures, Tedx speeches, and other motivational seminars nationwide, captivating the audiences on topics like pharmacy, parenting, and women’s health. 

For her tireless efforts and her dedication, Dr Suzanne Soliman has been featured in the following news outlets: The New York Times, ABC7NY, Daily Voice, “New York Magazine”, “Crain’s Chicago Business”, “Time Out Chicago” and more. Her areas of interest are parenting, women’s health, assessment and professional development.

You can check out Dr Suzanne’s website for more information: 

Website/URL- http://www.drsuzannesoliman.com

To stay updated about Dr Suzanne Soliman, follow her on social media (links are given below): 

LinkedIn URL- https://www.linkedin.com/in/suzannerabi/

Facebook URL- https://www.facebook.com/drsuzannesoliman

Instagram URL- https://www.instagram.com/drsuzannesoliman/

TikTok URL- https://www.tiktok.com/@drsuzannesoliman?lang=en

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