Andrew Taylor- the man behind the immense success of FFL USA:

Andrew Taylor has been a part of the life insurance industry through Family First Life since 2014, when he was just 19 years old. It was in 2016 when he branched off and built his own sub-agency by the name of Family First Life USA. This was a unique and their concept was very different from any other insurance company and it was also offered much more compensation to their agents and also did not charge any fees. Soon they made a name for themselves by doing good and treating the agents better than others so that they can talk about the company to everyone. Their organization is successful due to the work put in by these agents, who strive to become better at their jobs every day. Andrew Taylor says that the company just acts as mere tools which are utilized by these agents. It is they who work hard with dedication and bring out the results.

Andrew knew that if he failed in the Insurance profession, he would be in huge debt and go back to being a grocery bagger. This was unacceptable to him. Thus, he put his all to make his financial position secure and better. Andrew got to know many things through his years of working in the Insurance Industry. For instance, work ethic is not the sole variable that would lead to success. You also need to search for the right company.

The biggest challenge Andrew faced was caring about what others thought about him and what he was doing. He changed his goals to meet what they wanted him to do. He also changed the circle of friends and influences that he was surrounded with and refreshed himself from the negative vibe. He had to mature and grow up to become a businessman. Once he realized that people wanted him to stay in mediocrity, that triggered him to become something unexceptional.

On being asked about what makes his agency unique and different from the rest, Andrew answered, ” We are unique because in our space where the majority of organizations ask their agents to talk to their friends and family about insurance; we don’t have to bother our friends and family for business. We have leads.” In other words, they are market disruptors in the Insurance world. They do the opposite of what everyone else does. This is the reason for fast-paced growth in the industry.

If you want to know more about Andrew Taylor and Family First Life USA, you can simply check out their social media handles (link down below):

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