Sobia A Shaikh is a well-known name in San Francisco’s fashion scene, here’s why:

Sobia Shaikh- many may have not yet heard of this marvellously talented woman, but you will soon realise why that is a mistake you should undo at the earliest. Of Pakistani descent, Sobia is originally from Karachi but has settled in San Francisco to fully realise her plans of living up to her capacities. Speaking of which, Sobia A Shaikh is a multitalented influencer, fashion content creator and lifestyle blogger, and has a bachelors in the fine arts of advertising to top it all off. 

Sobia started off her career as a model and quickly went on to other ventures, growing as an entrepreneur and a true fashionista. Talking about what makes her stand out in the industry, Sobia said “I always speak my mind, share deeply personal information with my followers and never fake it. I’m happy to talk about my Botox, fillers, laser & cool tone treatments with my followers.” She believes that she owes her followers honesty and transparency since they decided to follow her out of millions of influencers. Sobia Shaikh is truly an inspirational woman.

Sobia also mentioned the highlights of her career. It was when she worked with Valentino’s American Diary Campaign and promoted San Francisco’s Qatar Airways Launch. Moreover, she is also very proud of introducing the Pink Pineapple for Del Monte and being included in one of the influencers who were chosen to introduce Blast Mascara by Cover Girl.

On being asked about her favourite clothing piece, Sobia claimed it to be an old black and white dress designed by Fausto Puglisi. Apparently, she got to know about the designer at Luisa Via Roma, which is a well-established store in Florence. She described the dress by saying, “There’s something so sexy and yet cute and girly about it and feminine.” She loves to wear it and already wore it to New York Fashion Week and Fine Arts Museums’ annual Mid-Winter Gala.

After a break for a short while, she started her blog page and it turned out to be immensely popular. She did not have any intention of turning this into business. However, life had other plans. The success of her blogs landed her with many wonderful opportunities to work with big brands. “I bring a unique perspective when I partner with brands, having had comprehensive careers in modelling, advertising & as an entrepreneur”, she added. 

Check out Sobia A Shaikh’s Website: and know about her perspectives on different topics.

To stay updated about Sobia A Shaikh, follow her on the social media platforms mentioned below with links: 

Instagram: sobiashaikh

Facebook: Sobia A. Shaikh/Shaikhenandstirred

Twitter: sobia_a_shaikh


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