Learn about how food blogger Jessica Mack made her passion her profession:

Dr Jessica Mack is a big name in the culinary world, holding roles such as chef, lifestyle expert, content creator and food blogger.

Jessica turned vegetarian at the age of 5 and now has found her passion in cooking. She creates meatless dishes for both vegetarians and meat-eaters too. Any person who is looking to reduce meat intake in their life can make her recipes. The simplicity yet delicious way of her cooking has attracted thousands to her website. 

For the first twenty or so years of her life, Jessica Mack was an occupational therapist. After her chronic illnesses became debilitating which practically forced Jessica to retire early from her profession, she did have much to do except agreeing to what life had served her. There were times when she felt a huge surge of emotions. For a while. She was very frustrated but slowly and steadily she began to pick herself up.

Currently, Jessica Mack happens to be a very important individual, and has also made some television appearances on the Emmy Award-winning daytime show, the Katie Couric Show, and the doctor rose show. We cannot say that she is a stranger to radio shows, because of her contributions to long Island oldest radio show, the doctors show, today show, WG BB, and so on. In fact, she was a frequent guest on the lifestyle. One of the reasons why Jessica Mack has become a regular guest in the lifestyle show is because of her outstanding recipes. But her amicable nature and go-getter attitude also make her a lovely personality to take inspiration from. Apart from this, her story about her journey is also very motivational.

Her change has been appreciated by many and creativity which had taken a backseat in her previous career is now getting attention. Negativity can also affect you If you let it. You have to have a positive outlook towards life otherwise even a small hurdle will be enough to break you.

You can see all of the lovely recipes pinned at More Than Meatless Monday. You can also follow her Instagram page. She even has a page dedicated to her blog More Than Meatless Monday, where she showcases the latest coming out of her kitchen. Jessica Mack is also making plans to launch her own cooking show, her own line of cookware and is also dedicating her time to writing her own cookbook.

Instagram: @drjessicamack @morethanmeatlessmonday

Twitter: @morethanmeatle1

Website: http://www.morethanmeatlessmonday.com  

Virtual cooking classes: https://www.airsubs.com/pros/jessica-mack

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