Dr LaBrasca has a perfect solution for your ageing problems. If you have ever considered a facelift, let us have a look at the benefits.

Ageing is prominent and no one can stop it no matter how much we try to. A survey conducted implied that though many women spend a lot of effort working on their face, eventually their hands do show off the real age as many tend to not take care of their hands. The main concerns regarding the face are wrinkles, age spots and facial lines which appear naturally after a certain age. 

Although age is an inevitable aspect of our lives, many dermatologists are winning the war against ageing with their newly discovered treatments. The industry is working hard to provide a youthful look for women who have concerns about ageing. A lot of procedures and surgeries have gained fame as women are willing to give it a try to secure their youthful appearance. 

Dr Aglie LaBrasca is a cosmetic and plastic surgery specialist, with his own clinic by the name of Laurel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. They offer several treatments such as liposuction, laser hair removal, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and many more.

LaBrasca further clarifies that a facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed to give the patient a more youthful appearance by correcting the saggy jowls, facial wrinkles, hollow areas, and other lines which are the effects of ageing. Their motive is to reverse the ageing and bring the youthful look back. A facelift removes excess skin, reshaping the lower half of the face. These procedures when newly introduced, used to be quite controversial back in the day. Even the celebrities were not comfortable admitting that they have undergone such procedures. But now the perspective has changed 360 degrees. Women are owning up to their choices and wanting to look good is not considered taboo anymore. If you are not comfortable with how you look, you have the means to go out there and change it while not being judged for it. Also due to the now refined procedures with new technologies making the entire process safer and easier to conduct, many people are opting for it.

Normally the facelift surgery can go on as long as five hours, with the length of time-varying depending on the patient’s desired looks and also the efficiency of the doctor of your choice. Hence, it is advisable to search the market properly and also get a second opinion before getting into these procedures.

To book a facelift with Dr LaBrasca, visit the website: https://www.drlabrasca.com/

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