Rhett Lindsey Brings Forth Siimee To Fight Biased Employment Systems

The US corporation sector is an extremely complicated place, and in a country where discrimination has become a very concerning issue on a regular basis come up it is not uncommon for people to get rejected just because they belong to a different racial community or ethnicity. Fighting all these problems tooth and nails is Rhett Lindsey, the founder as well as CEO of Siimee. Besides this, he is a very proud black queer man who has influenced the tech industry in a very innovative way, and has contributed a lot in looking deeply into recruitment procedures that follow biased systems.

Rhett Lindsey came up with Siimee not even a year ago, last year around December, and it all started when he was freshly graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in social work. His basic aim was to tackle down the problems that bring down people from diverse backgrounds, and overlook their talents. There are so many skilled individuals who do not get the opportunity to work in certain companies just because they belong to a different cultural background. an individual must not be culturally fit, they must be educated and knowledgeable to fit into the job post to meet up to employment requirements.

A lot of US corporations follow the applicant tracking system, which leads to unconscious bias throughout the hiring process, and in turn people lose opportunities to become successful time and time again. Rhett Lindsey is very aware of this, and he has even worked along with Facebook for 11 months, during which time period he came across a similar system and similar unjust treatment.

Rhett Lindsey is known to have worked with very prominent companies like Microsoft, Tinder, Facebook, and the Walt Disney company. However, this was all before he graduated. for seven years he put in endless efforts into sourcing and hiring talent in various sectors, including software development and technology. These years of experience piled up and allowed him to function better in the tech industry. It is then that he realised that he was made for the technological world, and he would certainly put in the best of his efforts to make the world a better place by being the best version of himself and helping out as many individuals as possible by the creation of non biassed hiring tools and a number of other methods.

Make sure to follow Rhett Lindsey and his social media accounts in the links provided below to know more about Siimee and the various procedures followed by them:

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