Taking over the world of social media advertising is ace entrepreneur Chris Chung.

There is a reason why this 25-year-old has become the #1 Facebook Ads strategist.

The constant boom in the business world can be attributed to the many technological advances across business industries and sectors, but one cannot deny the consistent efforts, tenacity and creative ideas of young professionals to take these industries to much greater heights of success. This is, of course, not as easy as it seems, but the ones who have been able to do that have proved the world their true standing in the business space and, in the process, has also inspired many other young talents of the world. Christopher Isaac Chung, aka Chris Chung, has become a classic example of one such youngster who believed in his visions for success and thus went ahead in attaining the same.

Today, as the CEO of his media company ‘Locate 852’ (https://locate852.com/), he has proved that age, gender or any other factors of the world have nothing to do with success; one only needs to have the right mental attitude, passion and determination to carve one’s own niche. Chris Chung was born in Los Angeles, California, did his high school in Hong Kong, 1 year at The University of Melbourne and attained his bachelor’s degree in Media & Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London (Class of 2018). He has shuffled between London and Hong Kong, but gradually is making his mark across the world with the kind of momentum and name he has attained as a digital entrepreneur and the #1 Facebook Ads strategist, who scales people, brands and businesses to the next level, with his company, Locate 852’s incredible services and expertise.

However, initially, Chris Chung had started in the influencer niche on Instagram, where he grew his platform to 35K followers by excelling in the fashion and lifestyle niche. He went ahead in gaining the opportunity to work with incredible brands like Apple Music, Boohoo Boohooman, Cornerstone Deliveroo, Dior Parfums, Forever 21, Nokia, Paul Smith, Proper Corn, Ralph Lauren, Specsavers (will.i.am), Ted Baker, Vitabiotics and many others. As he noticed how people were spellbound by his success and asked how he did it, this was when Chris Chung decided to start his own company named Locate 852 to scale people’s brands and grow their Instagram profiles. As he kept growing, he dived into advertising as well and learned everything about Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

After many trials and errors, Chris Chung has some of the world-leading business coaches, entrepreneurs, and public figures are his clients and has helped them scale multiple six figures ad-spend each month without compromising returns. He also has a podcast named ‘The Chris Chung Show’, where he interviews prominent personalities and CEOs to influencer and inspire others.

To gain more information about this young entrepreneur, follow him on Instagram @chrisichung.


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