Here is how Izzy Aronbayev managed to upscale in the Jewelry making Business:

NYC Luxury is one of the most reputed jewellery stores located in Diamond District, New York City. It is co-managed by Izzy, whose skills and expertise has led to its success. Gavriel is the other manager of the brand and is basically considered the brain behind the store’s management and operation. 

The store has seen countless popular customers who are from the industry. It includes names such as Rich the Kid, Lil Durk, Fredo Bang, Fernando Tatis Jr., Brandon Ingram, etcetera. Izzy has been in the jewellery making business for more than a decade now and has also become a pro at designing diamond jewellery. He has come a long way since the initiation of his career and his crafting skills have also reached heights. Before establishing this business, the founders Izzy and Gavriel were flyer boys in the same district where their store now stands. 

Izzy has always been exceptionally hardworking and smart. Moreover, he had good social skills due to which he became more well known in the industry. This, along with his expertise in crafting jewellery led to his fame in the Diamond District. All of his jewellery designs, which include bracelets, chains, pendants and watches are very creative and unlike the pieces of the rest of the Jewellers. Thus, in no time, he rose over his competitors.

The idea of this business was originally proposed by Gavriel. Both of them had known each other since class 8. However, they were just acquaintances. They became closer when they attended the funeral of a common mentor. When Izzy learnt about the plan, he found it interesting but not practical. He thought that it was impossible to achieve what Gavriel thought they could. Moreover, monetary investment also posed a major issue to him. Thus, Gavriel ventured into this alone. However, he did give Izzy continuous updates about its success which finally made him change his mind. His addition was definitely a huge boost for the brand. His hard-working personality enabled him to step into multiple roles for the business. Thus, they started garnering more popularity and clients. Since 2017, Izzy has played a huge role in managing all operations of the Luxury Jewellery Store. 

Izzy A is truly an inspiration for entrepreneurs and jewellers alike. If you want to know more about Izzy, follow him on his social media handle on Instagram: @izzyjeweler and you can also check out NYC Luxury’s website at

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