Learn all about the latest player in the crypto game- Zelwin, launched by veteran Nikolay Shkilev:

Nikolay Shkilev does not need to be introduced anymore; he is basically a legend in the cryptocurrency industry. He has gathered plenty of awards in the IT sector over his timeline in his journey of 20 years.  Namely, the ‘Self-Made Russia award’, ‘Best ICO advisor award’ in Blockchain Life summit, ‘Super TOP award’ and many more. He is also the founder and CEO of Private Business Club and also co-founder of ‘Top ICO advisors’.  

During his twenty years of career in the Blockchain industry, he got the first-hand experience in different types of businesses like medicine, FMCG, logistics, IT sector, etcetera. Moreover, his claimed awards also influenced and attracted people to seek him as a mentor. This is how he also became a mentor and advisor to assist people in the ICO and STO sector of the Blockchain Industry. Each day, he receives around a hundred deals. However, he is very selective about choosing projects and only prefers the ones with a firm team and product are there.

One of Shkilev’s major projects is Zelwin, an international marketplace of goods. One can buy any kind of goods, both the traditional way and for cryptocurrency, for getting back a good cashback.

On being asked about the mechanism of purchasing and delivery of goods and how the crediting cryptocurrency cashback to ZELWIN customers work, he replied that they basically work as escrow agent for Buyers and Sellers to protect both sides from fraud. The Buyers have to pay money for any goods at this platform and on the other hand, the Seller sees in his admin panel that the money was received but cannot dispose of it until the goods are delivered to the Buyer. After the ordered goods are delivered then the Seller can receive his funds. At the same time, the Buyer receives his deserved cashback in ZLW tokens, which could be used to be exchanged through various exchanges, or the buyer can save as an investment asset. The cashback is from 5% to 70%, it simply depends on the shares of the Sellers of goods.

One of the most reputable magazines in the world for entrepreneurs has published a large article exclusively about the ZELWIN and ZLN token and about the CEO Nikolay Shkilev. According to Nikolay, as the CEO of Zelwin, the growth of cryptocurrency is bound to happen and more and more countries will legalize cryptocurrency this process cannot be stopped anymore.

To know more about Nikolay Shkilev’s business ventures, you can check out their individual websites, the links for which have been given below



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