Start your side hustle today, with tips and tricks from market pro- Jonathan Kvicky:

Tech guru Jonathan Kvicky, is an LA-based Serial Entrepreneur, Senior Software Engineer and Tech Investor who is currently working full time as a Senior Engineer on the Sony PlayStation team.

Jonathan Kvicky already has major achievements reflecting on his resume even though he is just 32 years old. Although he is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Sony PlayStation out of Los Angeles, California, that has not stopped him from becoming one of the most successful investors – largely through his in-depth understanding of various blockchain technologies and how the tech world works. Tech investing is his natural area and no one can touch him when he is in his comfort zone. He believes blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt the world and will probably be the next hotspot for investors. His mental prowess was showcased and proved when he 10x-ed an investment of $20,000 into $200,000 in just two months. This kind of return is not easily earned by even experienced investors and many would go to a particular extent to make this kind of money. 

As alluded to above, there are many reasons why this market is attracting new investors besides money gain. It’s not just the money-making potential of cryptocurrencies that attracts the young investor into space, but it’s primarily the opportunity to foster growth and adoption of these technologies in different market sectors to impact the future. “We live in an exciting time right now,” Jonathan says, “where a new digital fabric is being overlaid on the world as we know it – and it’s truly ground-breaking.” 

Jonathan Kvicky also believes in side hustle and is a big-time supporter. “I’m seeing more and more of this every day in various industries – people’s wages are stagnating despite annual inflation rates and the overall cost of living to rise,” Kvicky said. “There is a growing gap between how much people earn and how much they spend to make ends meet. And, in turn, this pushes people to take on various side activities or start businesses, to more effectively secure their future financially.

Jonathan says, “The days of people investing all of their time and energy into one source of income are long gone. The 9-5 culture is not here to stay.

 Many people had understood this the hard way once the coronavirus pandemic hit full force and employment rates started to fluctuate. This paved the way for what we are seeing now – an extreme increase in the number of people diversifying their incomes, taking side gigs, and monetizing whatever skills they have or are willing to learn. People are learning new marketing skills and trying to build multiple income sources which they can rely on in future.

Don’t fret, learn all the tricks to running a successful side hustle with Jonathan Kvicky on:



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