Francine Gillian Garcia is making her dreams come true with the latest brand Ju Poppin:

Hair is a very important matter that must be dealt with properly because it actually boosts the self-confidence and self-esteem of so many individuals on an everyday basis. However, how many of us are actually truly taking care of our amazing hair? This cannot be certain because people usually buy fancy products either online or from stores and don’t usually check the chemical composition of such products, it can be truly disheartening to look at people lose chunks of hair by using a product that does not actually suit them. Gone are those days when you were unaware about your product, nowadays people actually need complete information about a product that they will be using, and you should get started with it too if you have not already. 

Ju Poppin has really been a popular brand since the very beginning, although it has not been very long since its first launch.

Before we talk about Ju Poppin as a brand, we must learn more about Francine Gillian Garcia, the true mind behind the establishment of this successful brand. Francine Gillian Garcia is an expert hair care educator, master stylist, visionary and philanthropist who has always been dedicated to studying the different methods of how she can actually provide a product that is entirely natural and can also be advantageous to people. She has spent a chunk of her life studying this so that she can not only benefit herself and her loved ones but also financially profit from her knowledge and areas of talents. Her dream has finally come true after she established Ju Poppin, a brand that represents the healthy hair journey.

One of the most popular products of Ju Poppin is their growth oils, especially the vitamin E oil that helps incomplete scalp healing. The tree ingredient of the grow toil is English lavender, it is a great stimulator for growth and you no longer have to wait for long months to undo the damage that your previous hairdresser has done. Worried about your unhealthy scalp? The black cumin seed is going to prevent every shedding and put your growth also back on track.

With Ju Poppin, you don’t just feel good or look good, you also contribute to providing your body with natural resources so that it does not have after-effects. It is a brand which is full of positive energy, make sure to watch their videos so that you can be completely informed about the marvellous advantages of using Ju Poppin products.

Choose Ju Poppin today. Know more, over on: and 


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