Meet Karyna Romanova who has excelled in her career as a DJ.

This multi-talented young lady has shown her prowess in acting, modelling, and DJing.


Karyna Romanova has showcased her tremendous skills in distinct fields and has emerged as a true star. Her performances have been widely appreciated gaining her a humongous following on social media platforms, especially Instagram. After conquering and creating a mark in the entertainment and glamour industry as an actor and model, she has now set her eyes into the world of music by introducing herself as a DJ. When asked what made her try her hands at DJing Karyna says, “there are a lot of events being held to celebrate various occasions and a DJ plays an important part in many of these events where the music part is handled by them. I had a keen interest in music since the very beginning and thought of giving DJing a try, as this field always drew me towards it, and eventually I landed up playing at a few events which boosted my confidence to go all the way.”


Along with honing her skills as a DJ,  Karyna also studied the detailed concepts of the music field and after grasping deep knowledge on the craft started creating her own tracks which were focussed on techno house, afro house and melodic genres. “to create a deep impact as a DJ, one has to have their own unique style of playing music. Only if your work is different, will you get noticed and garner a decent number of followers,” says Karyna. Her entry into the music world had her getting acquainted with a lot of people who were walking the same path as hers and that has helped her dwell deep into the subject by sharing each others experiences and techniques. Learning new things each day also allowed her to know more about the craft in a much better way.


Today, Karyna has developed her skills as a DJ and is handling her work far better than others. She might as well emerge as a popular name in the field of DJing given the fast pace that she’s moving forward.


Follow her on to know more.

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