Karyna Romanova on how the global pandemic helped in finding her new passion as a DJ.

With the world coming to a screeching halt, many had the time to pursue their interests, and Karyna utilized that time well.

Many people picked up their hobbies and passion from where they had left during the lockdown and Karyna Romanova, a model, actress and now a DJ, was one of them. She spent a considerable time of hers in honing up her skills as a DJ and got herself ready to get launched in the music industry. Her journey from being a model to an actor to a DJ has been exciting and interesting for people to know. Here she shares her life’s moments during the pandemic which made her master a new craft.

Creativity and Karyna have always gone hand in hand since the very beginning. “I moved to the United States to fuel my creative instincts which I knew would be tapped rightly in this country. i worked hard to get a place for myself in the modelling and film industry, and I did succeed to a great extent. Then came the global pandemic followed by strict lockdown which restricted everyone’s movements. That was the time I utilized to learn more about DJing and started working on making music,” says the powerhouse of talent. She went through the complexities of creating music, simultaneously getting inspired by the work of established artists and DJs who inspired her a lot to make her own music.

She also came in touch with several people associated with the music industry and learnt a lot from them. There were many exchange of ideas on how to improve their skills and in the process, learnt a lot about music and various other important things associated with it. “in the industry you need to make the right connections to make things work in your favour and attend the right events to get a deeper insight on the subject,” says Karyna. She attended a lot of events where she could meet people, make contacts and learn more about DJing.

One can say that she has excelled well in her work, be it modelling, acting or DJing, giving her best, and she is will definitely grab the limelight well on a global platform in coming times.

To know more, follow her on Instagram@miss_ramanova.

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