Akil Henley, the man who loves drones and is an expert in aerial photography:

Photography Credit – Jeffrey Cabrera


Aerial Photography refers to the collection of pictures or images taken with the help of airborne or aerial cameras. Previously, people used to rely on parachutes, helicopters and other ways to capture beautiful and pleasing pictures of buildings, landscapes. It is also used for other purposes like environmental studies, movie production and many more. Now, we commonly use drones for aerial photography, it is easy to handle and an affordable option to capture stunning pictures from the sky.


One of the best aerial/drone photographers is Akil Henley. Akil Henley is a creator and photographer based in New York City. He is the guy who is an influencer with the drone known as “Traveldronelife”. He has travelled to many countries, where he has collected memories just by capturing amazing photographs. His love for aerial photography grows more with each passing day and he works hard to get his best shot and show everyone how magical the world is from the sky.


Akil is a natural-born creator whether it be content, music, apps or business. He plays multiple instruments including the Trumpet, Piano, and Clarinet. While Mr Henley took a liking to play musical instruments, he also found his love of photography at a very young age. With time he realised his passion for art and with six years of hard work and experience in professional aerial photography, he gained global recognition for his works.


During the French protest, Akil’s page blew up in 2018 as one of the photos of a storming France that he captured was reposted by the Eiffel Tower page in their story. He was reached out to several local Parisian periodicals to use his photo in their publications. His page found success again in 2019, when the NYC Instagram page reposted some of his photos in their stories and those caught the eye of NYC artist, Elizabeth Sutton, who requested him to photograph one of her artworks on Roosevelt island. Since that time, he has photographed from the drone in an additional 40 countries and in many of the states across the United States.


Due to the Pandemic and lockdown around the world, influencers or creators couldn’t travel and they had a challenge of creating more interesting content. This pushed Akil from being only a creator to an app developer that helps other creative people. He taught himself about how to code for iOS on YouTube and successfully submitted his first version of the “nFluencer app” for iOS in January which one year later has over 106k users. An app is an excellent tool for those looking to edit photos with ease, create cool stories or reels, and write longer captions.


Akil Henley is the best example of not only being creative but also focusing on how others will be benefited from his creative works. No obstruction has stopped him from growing. To see his amazing works with drones, you can click on the links below:

The Drone work he did for the Elizabeth Sutton collection:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8ocgWIAsJC/?igshid=nogwzd6t3ozj

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethSuttonCollection/photos/a.367112966730815/2501702139938543/?type=3


The Drone Photographer for the Diner en Blanc in 2019 in NYC.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0Gpl4pBQaD/?igshid=vxcb0adcctnm


You can follow him on Instagram to see more of his beautiful works:



To be more creative like Akil Henley, click on the link below of his “nFluencer app”, the iOS app:



To know about Akil Henley, you can follow his personal webpage:


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