From zero to hero, here’s how Australian business tycoon Bryce Monkivitch did it all:

Bryce Monkivitch had always had big dreams and wanted to do something which would put his name in the books of history. However, he was not sure of how to achieve that dream. Business seemed to be the only way by which he could be both rich and influential. This perfectly aligned with all that Bryce ever wanted.

In late 2017 Bryce started off on this journey by setting up an online store that sold hats for pet dogs. It was all the craze back then and for a while, Bryce was deluded into thinking that it could actually work. However as one might have already realised this plan wasn’t full proof and soon enough since the trends were over, sales fell drastically. Bryce realised that what he needed was something that could be both trendy and sustainable in the long run. So, gathering up all his remaining savings which accounted for only $5000 Bryce started up his own women’s online fashion store by the name of Sincere Sally. Presently in the year 2021 Sincere Sally brings in annual revenue of more than $1 million and competes with international brands such as Fashion Nova. 

Over the years, Bryce has extended his entrepreneurial empire to include 4 women’s fashion brands, a male-centric jewellery store and an online interior home decor website. By building himself up from the ground up, from zero to hero, Bryce has proven his capacity for being in his chosen line of work and has made himself one of the biggest in the Australian business scene.

So, what changed? How did Bryce Monkivitch bring such a big change singlehandedly? Well, Bryce says it wasn’t sheer luck or hard work which helped him get to this level in life, but a certain set of tips and tricks that he followed.

First and foremost, Bryce has always been of the opinion that true success cannot be measured through what you have achieved but by what your worth is in the eyes of others. Sincere Sally has surely been successful, as it provides great fashion at affordable rates to young girls and ladies all over Australia and the USA. However, as for Bryce himself, we can call him a successful man because of his ability to create and maintain lasting impressions and connections with whomever he chooses. Bryce has used this wonderful ability to make good relations with his staff as well as colleagues/competitors in the industry. 

The second bit of advice that Bryce believes has helped his ventures is his go-getter attitude. Bryce thinks that for a man to establish himself as an entrepreneur, he must be a risk-taker and go after every opportunity the world provides. Unless and until you pursue every alley, can you be sure that you have taken the best decision for your business? 

Bryce Monkivitch is an inspiration to many and he hopes that people who wish to follow in his footsteps would also succeed in their ambitions. Everyone’s journey to the top is different and Bryce is eagerly waiting to greet them when they get there.  

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