Bryce Monkovitch: Leading Australian e-commerce CEO:

One of the biggest trends in the world is marketing right now, big brands spend a huge amount of cash on marketing agents to make sure their products get their optimal reach. These marketing gurus are the go-to persons for companies looking to diversify their customer base and also create a unique brand image for their respective products. Soon enough, there has been an emergence of a lot of unique marketing professionals and agencies. Some of these have helped companies for good, by focusing on creating a relevant brand image for their companies.

Bryce Monkivitch is one of the world’s most revered marketers, and he also has the privilege of having the ownership of one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the world. Bryce started off in the years of 2017 and 2018, selling dog hats from Alibaba. After the trend died off, he started to dabble in women’s fashion, starting off by creating an online store on Shopify with only a capital of $5,000.

Bryce managed to stand out in the industry by forging strong relationships with everyone, all the people he met in the business world. One of the other strong points of his success is that he communicates with his staff directly, and he also boosts job performance by providing offers of incentives, which also his employees to earn tons of bonuses. Bryce never managed to get any handouts or get anything for free. Guided with only a vision to make money, he started working for almost 80 hours and also studying various business forms and techniques.

Some of his salient achievements which he got in the business world are:

2019: Built two apps for both managerial staff and micro workers. The newfound system provides job opportunities globally to enable people to get skills using online learning.

2017: built an online fashion empire, “Sincere Sally”

2009-2011: He was a professional MMA fighter

Bryce has maintained good consistent business, and persevered with every risk and turn he faced. Bryce also displayed the virtue of patience by waiting for his investments to grow off. Bryce has been shrewdly building essential relationships, by having contacts with suppliers from China and also by recruiting a team from the Philippines. Bryce has always had the hunger for bigger and better things in life and it has paid off as so.

Bryce Monkivitch wishes to advise others not to take things for granted and to work hard concerning their dreams, and it is also essential to stay forward of the trends. Bryce wishes to build Sincere Sally into an online fashion sensation and for that, he seeks inspiration from other e-commerce gurus and business mentors. He also has a dream to invest in property around the world and also to meet people. Bryce focuses on building even more brands and wishes his app to hire an additional 1000’s of people.

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