Makissv Highlights The Difficulties Of Running A Business Successfully

Running a business is not very easy, let alone establishing an enterprise on an online platform. We all know the general notion that follows, only counting on relatability. Makissv, or Efthymios Savvidis, is a young Greek Influencer with a lot to say on the development and promotion of brands.


We all know the true essence of competition in the market, with so many substitutes and alternatives available to the clients come on they tend to choose the ones that have a good reputation. The question stands that why must a customer choose your particular service? What extra or what kind of benefit are you offering them with that they will not find anywhere else? Every service guarantees fulfilment of the task, but how? 

Competition can improve the performance of a particular company provided that this survive the harsh market situations, most of the time they invisible hand of the market does not work in the favour of new companies because whenever they begin out, the change in situations and challenging circumstances bring about a lot of damage if the entrepreneur is not well researched. However, Makissv has never had to face this situation because he understands the true needs of every customer. This is what makes him unique, his capability to adapt well. In his years of working all along with celebrities, Instagram models and popular influences, he has built quite the network which is always necessary for a social media agency because advertising still stands first in the priority list. 

Advanced Media

Advanced Media, Makissv’s Established company has topped in the competition ever since. This is because he social media agency has gained quite the popularity. They are popular for a number of reasons, beginning with the services that they offer their clients

  • Promotional services for brands and other influencers, allowing them to expand their reach to a number of interested people who would be potential buyers or customers in the future
  • Using the Instagram network to build an image for the brand or the involved customer/client. Makissv has a wide enough network.
  •  Making use of the correct kind of audience, not everyone is interested in a particular genre or theme of things, therefore Makissv also does not work with one certain kind of company. Variety is the key, in the people you serve and in how you serve the people.

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