Ralph Leon Mebone aka Northside2x introduces “Indie Fire Global” to showcase artists and producers talent on a global platform.

It’s an amalgamation of various services under one roof from management to PR which is designed to help various talents get the right break. 


Northside2x is an American Record Producer and Songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee, who has worked with popular artists like MoneyBagg Yo, Waka Flocka Flame, Yo Gotti, Jhonni Blaze, Fabolous, Lil GotIt, Drumma Boy, Snootie Wild and many more. His music which comprises of hip-hop genre has a flavour of Tennesse in it making it all the more distinct from others. Today, he is a big name in the music industry who has worked with most popular artists. Many don’t know about the journey of this popular artist, how it all started, and what drew him towards the music industry. The music talent started out when he was just 13 years of age, and was impressed by different artists who he heard, and started playing with tunes and songs on his FI Studio digital audio workstation. He soon realized that he could make his own music and started working diligently on improving it and building his base in the field. 


“There are a lot of people who I want to credit for giving a boost to my career and making me reach where I stand today. A special credit to MoneyBagg Yo as after teaming up with him in 2012 on his underground mixtape, from Da Block 2 Da Booth, gave a big push to my music career in the upwards direction,” says Northside2x. At just 25 years he has gained much experience and is now focussing on taking it ahead by launching his new project ‘Indie Fire Series’ which will feature upcoming artists & producers. He is also working on a couple of projects with some producers and writers which are in the pipeline. Also collaborating with new talent is on the cards. His music is available for listeners on various music streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, SoundClick, and Deezer which has gained much popularity of late and is a big hit with music enthusiasts. 


To know more, visit his official website http://www.northside2x.bandcamp.com.


You can also follow his Instagram@IAmNorthside2x

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