Gavin Mayo: Achieving astounding success with his skills in trading and education.

His business Luxury Equities in just a month has attained around 50K Discord members, propelling him forward in the industry in no time.


The way youngsters, especially teenagers, are climbing the ladder of success across business industries and volatile markets like the trading niche, we can only see their brighter future with many more innovations and developments that can further change the face of these industries for the better. Gavin Mayo can be considered one of the major contributors to the success the trading and stocks niche has attained so far. Gavin Mayo is a 19-year-old stock trading expert and a successful CEO from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who was once a D1 college athlete and now is the man behind the successful business Luxury Equities.


Making a successful career for himself while still being a teenager did not come easy to him. However, the challenges he faced on the path only made him realize how passionate he felt about trading and also for educating people with the right knowledge to simplify things for them about investing and stocks. Starting Luxury Equities had him compromise on his sleep every night, where he worked consistently for two months, trading stocks, writing educational documents and talking with his staff; however, Gavin Mayo says that at the end of the day, it was all worth it.


Luxury Equities on Discord has made it huge with earning around 50K members, making it the biggest stock Discords in the world. Talking about what is unique about his business, Gavin Mayo says that his team always try to have a personal connection with their members. They use their real names and everyone that becomes a part of it knows them from social media. They strive to provide the best education to people, offering 15+ education documents and follow up videos for everything they teach.


Gavin Mayo has great aspirations for his business, where he desires to see Luxury Equities becoming a well-known name in the stock niche. He also wants to take his services off Discord and create an app and a website for investors to find stocks. He would also like to start a hedge fund and dreams to travel worldwide for teaching as many people about financial literacy as he can, with an emphasis on stocks.


Do follow him on Instagram @gavin_mayo to know more.


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