Empowering people through his initiative ‘Luxury Equities’ is 19 year old Gavin Mayo.

Trading and investing in stocks is an art which needs to be learnt in a proper way, says Gavin.  

Trading in stocks is a gamble say people but if done the right way can give phenomenal results. That’s what happened with Gavin after he learnt the tricks of the trade which skyrocketed his trading profits in the upwards direction and there was no stopping since then. 

This young trader and educator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has excelled in his career as a trader and is now a successful educator who teaches people stock trading and investing wisely. His brand ‘Luxury Equities’ on Discord has more than 50,000 members and the numbers are growing by the day. Many want to know what makes him reach such astounding levels of success at this young age? To this Gavin replies, “dedication towards your work and focus can take you places. If you don’t deviate from your goals, there’s nothing that can stop you from reaching your desired destination.”

Gavin started concentrating on his trading career during the lockdown, and within a year made phenomenal profits using his trading strategies which worked wonders in the stock market. Having learnt the art of trading upto its roots and wanting to spread his knowledge to help others gain from his success, he started posting his trading strategies on video sharing platform Tik Tok which gained a massive follower base of more that 250k. Soon he shifted to Discord as he realized that it is one of the finest platforms which is effective in its own way. Today, Gavin is in charge of the largest stock Discord’s in the whole world. He provides free education to people, also increasing their knowledge on investments. Their Discord has 

various chats and voice channels teaching people about financial literacy, not deviating their focus from stocks. 

Presently, ‘Luxury Equities’ has become one of the most sought after stock training platform which is bound to go places in coming times. 

Follow Gavin Mayo on Instagram@gavin_mayo and Facebook @gavin_mayo to know more about trading and investments. 

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