Stündenglass’s Hookah is advancing people’s smoking experiences in 2021.

Stündenglass is changing the game of the hookah industry for the better in 2021.


The competition gives you the best out of the best in every industry. We now hear a lot about cannabis; good or bad, it is in the limelight for sure. Nowadays Hookah’s are in the buzz due to classic designs you see in recent times. Companies are bringing some unique pieces which give you a royal feeling while you have it. Out of those classic pieces, We found Stundenglass as the best out of the best in 2021.


Stündenglass stands tall today as a solid brand that has gone ahead in making people understand that with changing times of the world and numerous innovations, things can be made more comfortable and safer for people. 


Stündenglass, under the guidance of honcho Tracey Huston, has designed a futuristic kinetic motion cannabis water pipe.


Talking about Tracey Huston, he has worked with the giant Apple for more than a decade as an Apple Senior Technical Specialist.


With not much knowledge or background relating to reengineering the old pastime of smoking, Tracey developed stündenglass, a unique device that could release vapory and smooth draws with an hourglass flip.  


In fact, Stündenglass means’ hourglass’ in German and the label gives a very strong look with its hourglass shaped device with 360* rotation.


Tracey Huston aims to give a smooth piece in which hookah lovers can enjoy their draws and make it safer for them without having them share their mouthpiece with others.


Its designer, Michael Trzecieski, Design Director Stündenglass, said that they took influences from the silhouette of the hourglass and its dependability. They could connect a traditional Middle Eastern Hookah style and a contemporary design radiating elegance and innovation.


The design includes a pair of borosilicate glass globes that are turned vertically into place onto a metal base that uses an aluminium hookah bowl kit or a glass bowl. 


Users need to fill one ball with water and then light up the main element. Whether it is the design of the device, its method of using or the unbelievable smoking experiences it gives, Stündenglass has risen to the top as a contactless gravity-powered device, delivering water-filled vapour.


Know about it more through Instagram @studenglass.

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