Changing the dental industry game in the US is ‘NYC Smile Design’ by Dr Ramin Tabib and Dr Elsa Mello.


With its innovative and cutting-edge approaches and services in dentistry, NYC Smile Design has reached the forefront of the industry.


A close look around us will let us know how things have been fast-moving and changing for the better across business industries and fields worldwide. These changes and developments have been the result of the relentless drive and passion of certain professionals, who have made it a point to excel in whatever they have taken in their hands. The medical industry is one that has seen enormous advancements across their various niches and dentistry is one space that over the years have only been experiencing a surge in its growth with many new creative minds, innovative technologies, etc. This led to the emergence of several promising dental treatments practices, one of which is NYC Smile Design (NYCSD).


Among the many other dental practices, NYSCD rose to much fame because of several reasons. One of these is the consistent efforts of both the proficient doctors who run this amazing practice in Manhattan and New York and are now catering to patients during times of Covid through virtual consultations. Dr Ramin Tabib and Dr Elsa Mello echo the same thought that NYCSD is a one of a kind cosmetic dental practice in the US that addresses a patient’s concerns with a multifaceted approach and, over the last 30 years, have worked relentlessly, learned from experiences, education and constant professional development to come up with reliable methods. Also, they believe in continuously refining and updating their approaches to treat patients better.


Dr Tabib and Dr Mello also explain that their practice involves evaluating the effects of a patient’s airway and breathing patterns, their TMJ health or lack of it, what works for their facial type and lifestyle and knowing what the patient would like to achieve with the treatment. Knowing all these points helps their team of doctors, specializing in different areas of dentistry like orthodontics, implant dentistry, TMJ, periodontics and cosmetics, to come up with a multifaceted approach to treatment with tunnel vision.


Though NYC Smile Design took many years to develop, it still is a practice that began from scratch, not inheriting someone else’s practice and went ahead to create a special name for itself in the dentistry space of the US. Dr Tabib throws light on the challenges they faced in the industry and says that it was a lonely journey, going down the path of meticulous and thorough cosmetic treatment. They took a lot of time and unfortunate mistakes to find peers and educators to rely on. Their determined and crystal vision, apart from having the right partner in business and life, helped them to create this success and keep developing from there.


Both Dr Tabib and Dr Mello have contributed a lot in changing the face of the dental industry in the US for the better and today also have many celebs as their clients. To know more, visit the website,


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