Embracing modern-day business approaches and helping people gain authoritativeness in their niche is Ascend Agency.

Ascend Agency’s team lay out the top social media pitfalls that people must stay away from.


We know for sure that the popularity of social media is not going away anytime soon. This has made it an essential and important part of the overall marketing strategies and campaigns. It is said that there are billions who use social media platforms, either for personal or for business engagement purposes. Considering that your target audience too is in the same, there have been robust marketing and PR strategies that can reach them and let them know about you and your brand. However, in the quest to reach more people, many brands and entrepreneurs make common mistakes, which can further take their target audience away from them. There are a few social media pitfalls that they must avoid, says the team at Ascend Agency, which is growing each day as a one of a kind branding, marketing and PR agency in Los Angeles, California. This company has only given massive levels of success to all its clients and have completely changed their lives and their brand’s image for the better.


People and businesses must first begin with an internal audit of their current marketing strategies for making the most of the amazing social media opportunities. Avoiding certain common mistakes, they say people would be able to enhance their reach and prowess.


  • Posting non-relevant stuff: There are generally two types of content, one where you create something that can encourage people to keep coming back to you and the other where they may not connect with you at all. The team at Ascend Agency say that if people create content that is overly promotional, boring or unrelatable, they will either skip it or even unfollow them. Hence, it is advised to create content that educates, relates, informs, entertains and inspires them.
  • Doing it all alone: It is natural that when you are a beginner, you do things all alone and manage your social media; however, even after building a certain momentum, some companies and brands still choose to do it themselves. This shifts their focus from many other important aspects of running their business. Hence, it is suggested that they must hire social media agencies, just like Ascend Agency, that can curate compelling content, do required promotions and get them to rise the SEO ladder.
  • Focusing only on followers: Some companies and brands believe that only increasing the follower count can gain them success. However, Ascend Agency’s team believe that it is what people do after that, that matters. People fail because after gaining their desired number of followers, they fail to interact with them and any organic followers or reach won’t stay for long if they are not engaged with more or nurtured.


Ascend Agency has made its unique name as one of the leading social media agencies that care for its clients and help them climb the SEO ladder through their PR services to gain them more prominence and popularity. Visit their website, https://www.ascendagency.com/ now or follow them on Instagram @ascend to know more.


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